ICC Monthly Meeting

ICC members meet on the second Monday of each month at the Commonplace Coffee House at 5:30 PM.  Anyone interested in participating in the meetings in support of the goals of ICC is welcome to attend and participate.

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Indiana Cares Campaign Annual Spring Dance.

Saturday, April 18, 2015 marks the date of this year’s spring dance. Please come out and join us. Let’s show our strength in numbers; both members of the community and straight allies!

Get Leid 2015 #3

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Indiana Cares Campaign Shows Support for Equality

Indiana Cares Campaign members rally support for equality during the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Civil Rights March in downtown Indiana, January 10, 2015. Linda Cline, at left and Andrea Pejic, right, are shown here marching with local community members in remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and in celebration of civil rights for all.

Dr. King had a dream and together we are still fighting to make that dream a reality.

ICC in MLK Parade Jan 10, 2015

Photo Credit: Teri Enciso/Indiana Gazette

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Join ICC for Our Annual Bowling Party at the Elks! Valentine’s Day 2015.

ICC Bowling Poster 2015

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Closing Night Double Feature and Pizza Party

The final night (Sunday, October 26) of the 2014 Indiana LGBT Film Festival brings to the screen two heart-warming features on either side of our intermission pizza party celebration. Tru Love centers on the unlikely romance between Tru and the much older Helen. Despite Tru’s non-committal nature and Helen’s grieving the loss of her husband and complicated relationship with her daughter, the two strike a bond and inspire the best in one another. Meanwhile, Eat with Me, which features both George Takei and Nicole Sullivan (MadTV), takes a comedic and uplifting look at a Chinese-American mother’s path to understanding and accepting her gay son.

Pizza and beverages, compliments of Indiana Cares Campaign, will be served at the intermission.

Show time is 6 pm in Beard Auditorium in Stouffer Hall on the Indiana University of Pennsylvania Campus. The event is free. Donations will be accepted in support of the Indiana LGBT Film Festival.

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Indiana LGBT Film Festival Night 3

Don’t forget this The Way He Looks with “First Clue” and “Transmormon,” to be featured as part of third night of the 2014 Indiana LGBT Film Festival.

The Way He Looks is a coming of age story about blind teen, Leonardo, and his quest for independence. Victoria Bull writes, “Portraying disability without making a film about disability, The Way He Looks is sweet, poignant, and compassionate.” The film is under consideration for Best Foreign Language Film for the 87th Academy Awards to be announced in 2015. The films is in Brazilian with English Subtitles and one of the must-see films of the festival line-up.

Showtime is 6 pm, this Sunday, October 19, in Beard Auditorium in Stouffer Hall on the IUP Campus.

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Night 2 of the 2014 Indiana LGBT Film Festival

The 2014 Indiana LGBT Film Festival continues this Sunday night with shorts “What’s Your Sign?” and “A Last Farewell” followed by the German feature Happy End?!

Lucca is young student with a bright future in law. During her service at a local hospice, she meets Val. When their friend Herma passes away, they set out to give her a proper burial, despite the wishes and desires of her family. The two women undertake¬† a journey that leads them toward self-discovery and one another, all the while attempting to evade Herma’s family, Lucca’s father, and the police. Happy End?! is one part comedy, two parts action, and all about how two very different individuals can help one another.

The films begin at 6 pm in Beard Auditorium in Stouffer Hall on the Indiana University of Pennsylvania campus.

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Opening Night of the 2014 LGBT Film Festival

In just six days, we will kick off the 2014 Indiana LGBT Film Festival with our opening night feature Boy Meets Girl. Here’s a sneak peek.

The Indiana LGBT Film Festival takes place every Sunday night through October. Show times are 6 pm at the Beard Auditorium in Stouffer Hall on the Indiana University of Pennsylvania campus.

BMG FEST CLIP from eric schaeffer on Vimeo.

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