Indiana, PA’s ANNUAL GLBT FILM FESTIVAL is back, bringing you fantastic films and a fresh look at the GLBT community in celebration of our allies, our lovers, our sacrifices and our friends in uniform!


Every Sunday in October at 6 PM, come join us in Stouffer Hall on IUP Campus!  Click on the posters below to view trailers and read more about each film.

Come join us!


Sunday Oct 3rd

Feature Film: Violet Tendencies

Click here to view the Official Website and the  Trailer.



Violet Tendencies

She is Manhattan’s most fabulous Fruit Fly! At fourty, Violet is the most racy, fun-loving belle of the ball. She spends her nights as royalty, but at night she always heads home alone.

Short Film: The Queen


Bobby, a Korean-American teenage outcast, is working at his parents dry cleaners on prom weekend. When the prom queen and her boyfriend, stop by with their dress and tuxedo, Bobby has his own prom to remember.

Short Film: Rockin’ the Rainbow

Starring Paula Brancati

Sunday Oct 10th

Feature Film: A Marine Story

Click here to view the Official Website and the  Trailer.

A Marine Story

A decorated Marine officer unexpectedly returns home from the war and is quickly recruited to help a troubled teen prepare for boot camp, but when the true reasons for her return become known it threatens the future for both of them.

Short Film:  Hens and Chicks

Click here to view the Official Website and the Trailer.

Hens and Chicks

Sunday Oct 17

Feature Film: 8: The Mormon Proposition

Click here for the Official Website and the Trailer.

8: The Morman Proposition

Short Film: The Best is Yet to Come

The Best Is Yet To Come

Short Film: Do Not Bend

Do Not Bend

Sunday Oct 24th

Feature Film: Purple Sea

Click here to watch the Trailer


Viola di Mare

Viola di Mare is based on a true 19th century story and adapted from the novel Minchia di Re by Giacomo Pilati. Born of a domineering and abusive father,  Angela struggles for her freedom and identity in this tale of a woman who crossed the gender borders for love.

Short Film: Last Call

Click here for the Official Website Click here to watch the Trailer

Last Call

Sunday Oct 31st : Double feature and FREE PIZZA!

Undertow will start at 6pm. Pizza will be available at 7:45 pm. Is It Just Me? will begin at 8:15pm.

Feature Film 1: Undertow 6pm

Official Website Official Trailer (English Subtitles)


FREE PIZZA  7:45 pm

Feature Film 2: Is It Just Me? 8:15 pm

Is It Just Me?

Blaine is a typical young gay man looking for love…without much success. Enter “Xander,” the man of his dreams. After meeting in an online chat room, they quickly fall for each other and start a virtual relationship.

Before long, they decide to meet face-to-face for a coffee date. But in Blaine’s world, nothing comes easy. He discovers he’s been chatting with his new online boyfriend under his roommate Cameron’s profile. The problem is, Cameron is a sexy go-go dancer – and that’s the guy Xander is expecting to see. Blaine persuades his roommate to pose as him during the date until he can win over Xander with his whit and charm.

It’s Blaine’s brain versus Cameron’s brawn as love blossoms within this threesome.

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