ICC Canoe/Kayak Trip at Cook’s Forest – July 18, 2015!!

We will doing a canoeing / kayaking trip on July 18th at Cook’s Forest.
The drive is just a little over an hour and should be a pleasant trip.
The rental company has offered us a discount if we have around 10 people.
They would like to know several days a head of time so we will need responses by July 14th.

Dave Reed (Rustic Acres Furniture) has offered his cabin as a meeting place and also a
place to have a picnic for those wanting to get out and not canoe or kayak. Those wishing
to partake can come to the cabin afterwards for some food and refreshments.

Please let us know as soon as you can!

Cook Forest Canoe Rental Rates

Tax is included.
All river miles and times are approximate.
Life jackets are included.
Transportation to launch points is included.
Trips are based on two people per canoe.
Children 12 and under are free, in the same canoe with Adults.

TRIP #1: 4 miles / $30.00 per canoe
TRIP #2: 8 miles / $40.00 per canoe
TUBES: 2.5 hours / 2.5 miles / $10.00
4.0 hours / 4.0 mile / $14.00

TRIP #1: 4 Miles / $27.00
TRIP #2: 8 Miles / $35.00  


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